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Here in this article you will get information about surat which is second largest city of Gujarat and 8th largest in india . This city very popular for largest textile production and also known as ” diamond city of India ” . Read below for more details –

Common information about surat –

Area code of surat+91 261
Literacy rate of surat88.91 %
Founder of surat Gopi
Famous places in suratSardar Patel museum , Ambaji Temple , Dutch garden , Dandi Beach , snow park , science centre etc .
Language Gujarati , hindi
population 7, 185 , 009
Famous personality from suratRatan Tata , Premchand roychand , Abbas and mustan , Hashim Amla , Amarsinh Chaudhary . Taher saifuddin etc .
police commissioner ( at present )Ajay kumar Tomar
Collector ( at present )Dr. Daval patel
Municipal Commissioner Banchhanidhi Pani
Number of election wards29
Sex ratio756/1000 Male
Mayor Jagdish patel

Surat gk questions and answers

1. Surat is located on the banks of the river

A. Yamuna river

B. Tapi river

C. Ganga river

D. Kaveri river

Answer. B

2. Surat is in which part of Gujarat

A. Southeastern

B. Northeastern

C. Both a & b

D. None of these

Answer. A

3.The English set up a trading post in surat in which year

A. 1612

B. 1613

C. 1614

D. 1615

Answer. B

4. Which maratha leader attacked surat twice in 1664 and 1672

A. Shivaji

B. Venkoji

C. Chhatrapati Sambhaji

D. None of these

Answer. A

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