gk questions for class 2

In this article we are providing a gk questions for class 2 Kids . We have collected a top 20 gk questions which are listed below . Play this amazing quiz.

gk questions for class 2


#1. How many days in a week

#2. In which planet we are living

#3. Which is the brightest planet

#4. What is the currency of india

#5. What is the capital of India

#6. Where is the gateway of india

#7. Which month has 28 days

#8. Which month come before October

#9. How many months are there in a year

#10. Which animal live in water

#11. How many legs does a spider have

#12. How many zero in hundred

#13. How many hours in a day

#14. Which is smallest state in india

#15. National bird of India


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